Well-Being Hub

The Well-Being Hub is an online, interactive platform to develop and improve young people’s wellbeing. For more information, please contact wellbeing@apex2100.org

As announced at the IB Global Conference in October 2019, Apex2100 and Hive Learning have been collaborating with the International Baccalaureate to create this student-driven, collaborative platform for IB students in the late-PYP through MYP age range.

This online learning resource makes students active agents in their personal, physical and social well-being. They develop knowledge, understanding and action across eight vital areas. Designed with a holistic approach by world-leading experts in their fields, the platform brings together the very best in performance and education. The content is transdisciplinary and can be used in a variety of settings and subject areas (e.g. homeroom/mentor classes, science, physical education, etc.) and is accessible by computer, tablet or phone.

As Dr Siva Kumari, IB’s Director General said in sponsoring the project: “Young people need a strong sense of self and balance to manage external pressures and internal growth, and to reach their full potential. This collaboration aims to assist students – and the teachers and parents who act as partners in their education and growth – in achieving this confidence and balance.”

The content aims to foster active agents of wellbeing and is divided into: Brain Fitness, Digital Wellness, Improving Balance and Coordination, Managing my Health, Movement Matters, Nutrition Needs, Sleep and Recovery, and Visual Intelligence.